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Girls lookbook

It's amazing just how versatile a color pink can be. From subtle shades and pastels to bold bubblegum hues, as soon as you have a baby girl you will quickly learn that too much pink is never enough.

But rather confining girls to a world formed by mixing white and red, it's easy to add other tones to create a stylish look that uses tasteful highlights and pops of color for points of interest. Remember also to play off some of the other items you have - maybe there is a special item of clothing or heirloom toy that may provide a reference color to design your palette.

Below are some examples of color combinations (both with and without pink) that have proven popular for girls' rooms. Don't be afraid to be adventurous as you put your look together.

Concept 1: Australian animals

Colors used: Yellow, Soft pink, Mint. 

Concept 2: Woodland theme

Colors used: Light sage, Lavender, Robins egg. 

Concept 3: Australian theme

Colors used: Light sage, Soft yellow, Soft pink, Lavender. 

Concept 4: Personalized Woodland theme

Colors used: Light sage, Bubblegum, Light pink, Charcoal. 

Concept 5: Woodland typography theme

Colors used: Teal, Mint, Light blue, Magenta, Musk, Soft pink.