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Gender neutral nursery lookbook

It's a very personal decision to decide what details you learn about your new son or daughter before they are born, but there is one situation where most agree it is almost always better to know - designing the new nursery's decor!

Or is it? Sure, there are the traditional safe paths of white, yellow or green for the colors, and being ultra careful to limit the amount of pink or blue in the room itself. But you can still put together a stylish space using colorful palettes that draw on other tones - such as earthy hues - to form a coherent look.

Here are some inspirational ideas to get you started.

Concept 1: Woodland theme

Colors used: Chocolate, Sage, Soft yellow, Ice blue. 

Concept 2: Dog theme

Colors used: Soft yellow, Light sage, Blue bird, Dark teal.

Concept 3: Letters and Numbers

Colors used: Orange, Blue bird, Sage, Chocolate. 

Concept 4: Inspirational typogaphy

Colors used: Light blue, Light sage, Aqua, Grey. 

Concept 5: Woodland Alphabet and Numbers

Colors used: Aqua, Cherry. 

Concept 6: Song Lyrics

Colors used: Charcoal, Yellow.