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Framing tips

Most of the sizes available in the WallFry shop are standard sizes and you should have no problem finding ready-made frames or pre-matted frames in the necessary size. 

All prints are printed to the specified dimensions with a small white additional border. This means that the image will measure the specified dimensions and the actual paper will beslightly larger.

This makes them ideal for framing with a matte with an opening the size of the specified dimensions where the white border sits behind the matte (the border is not supposed to be visible). It also helps to protect the edges of your prints during shipping and handling.

If you want to use unmatted frames, they won't fit with the border in place. If you choose to trim the borders yourself you would be best to flatten the prints as much as possible first. The best way to do this is to sit them on a smooth, clean, dry and flat surface, face down under a smooth, clean, dry flat object (either the glass of the frames of a couple of books would work) - DO  NOT reverse roll them or they will crease!! Once they are flat, the borders will be easier to trim. OR you could take them to a local framer to trim them for you. OR we can trim them for you if you let us know in advance. Just mention in the 'special instructions' section during checkout that you would like them trimmed to the image size with no border.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Enjoy your prints!