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Boys lookbook

Blue. Surely that's all you need for the decor of your boy's room? Let's be honest, for those of us who found out the sex of the little one before they were born, as soon as you realized it was a boy you discovered two things: 

1. Blue on everything is incredibly boring.

2. There are some really bad choices available for boys in both clothing AND decor.

This lookbook is designed to give you some ideas of how you may like to decorate a perfect space for a perfect little boy. Yes, you can keep the blue. But think about the other colors that may work with it: a touch of grey for a coolish look, or a pop of another color to provide a highlight.

Concept 1: Woodland Theme

Colors used:Bluestone, Charcoal, Surf, Grey. 

Concept 2: Song Lyrics theme

Colors used: Bluestone, Orange. 

Concept 3: Transport Theme

Colors used: Navy, Tomato, Grey. 

Concept 4: Safari theme

Colors used: Blue bird, Orange, Grey, Navy. 
(The backgrounds of these prints are not able to be customized, as these are photographs taken of original paintings)

Concept 6: Music and Song Lyrics

Colors used: Bluestone, Orange.