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This little piggy cupcake...

Posted on October 23 2012

This little piggy cupcake...
I little while back I posted about this amazing butterfly cake for girls that I was so impressed by at a recent party I attended. It came from a new edition of the classic Australian Women's weekly cake book  which most of us know and love (and grew up with).
Well, I have been impressed again at another children's birthday party (yes this is my social life at the moment) by the cupcakes, made by the very clever Mum:
Oink Oink!
I love these Pink Pig Cupcakes for the sheer simplicity and effectiveness of them. Sure they look like they could be a bit time consuming and fiddly but the end result is adorable. The host shared her secret - they too come from a Women's Weekly cake book, this time the Cupcake edition. They had heaps of other animal designs so if you are feeling especially creative you could even make a whole farm yard of cupcakes.
So cute.


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