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Raa Raa the Tasty Little Lion

Posted on July 23 2011

Raa Raa the Tasty Little Lion
I usually ask my boys 'what cake would you like for your birthday party?' and, given that the oldest has only just turned 3 the response is often 'birthday cake' or the latest from my youngest just 'cake'(incidentally, when I asked the youngest, nearly 2, what his favorite color was he replied 'grey maybe' hmm, gonna be a great grey cake!).
My recent dilemma with my oldest son is that when I asked him what cake he would like for his birthday party, his answer was 'bull'. Now, it has to be noted that this was only because of a recent, favourite gift from his father of a nasty little bull toy (squeeze stress toy really). I didn't much fancy making a bull, but I let it go.
A week or so later I asked again, again the response was 'bull' but this time it was 'rainbow bull' (I have no idea why). I made a few suggestions:
Me: 'How about a dog?'
Him: 'Yeah Dog'
His Dad: 'Yeah, but do you want a dog (sad voice) or a bull (happy voice)' - Team Bull advocate.
Him: 'Yeah bull, rainbow bull!!'
I made numerous suggestions, but his father always seemed to be able to convince him that a bull would be the best cake in the world. Don't ask me why I didn't want to make a bull cake, I just didn't. Don't ask me why his Dad was so obsessed with him getting a bull cake (although we all know it was just to annoy me).
Crunch time came and it had been a while since the bull toy was a favourite, so I tried again:
Me: 'What cake would you like?'
Him: 'I don't know'
Me: 'What about a lion or a dragon?'
Him: 'Yeah, a lion'
His Dad (arriving late to the conversation): 'What about the bull cake, I thought you wanted a bull cake (happy voice again)'
Him: 'Yeah Bull!' (thank goodenss we had dropped the rainbow by now)
At this stage I was desperate to not make a bull cake, but at the same time to keep my soon-to-be-3-year-old happy (and win the 'battle' with my husband) so I decided I would go one better than the happy voice:
Me: 'What about a Lion cake... what a bout a Raa Raa cake?' (at this stage I started to sing the theme song of one of his favourite television programmes 'Raa Raa')
Him: 'Yeah Raa Raa Cake' and he joined in the song, dancing and singing and chanting 'Raa Raa Cake!!'
and it was done...



 He was so excited about his Raa Raa cake. He talked about it for days in advance and the whole day of the party he couldn't wait to blow out the candles and eat it. It was an absolute hit and everyone was happy! Except, maybe, for his Dad who sulked about the bull cake. I did try to make an effort to let the 'bull cake' make an appearance and I will tell you about it later.

Also, I am not sure if this show is syndicated to the US (it is originally from the UK) so here is the photo of Raa Raa that I used to design the cake:


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