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Practical, beautiful nursery reveal

Posted on August 12 2015

Practical, beautiful nursery reveal
So you are pregnant and the ‘nesting bug’ is kicking in. You have spent soo much time scouring the internet and magazines for nursery design inspiration. You want your nursery to be perfect and beautiful with all the latest ‘on trend’ items. You see those magazine spreads of nursery design reveals and drool over everything. It is your dream to have that nursery for your baby, nothing but the best right?

The reality of creating a nursery is quite different. REAL nurseries don’t look like magazine spreads for long. They get used by babies who, before you know it become toddlers. Those rooms in the magazines have been professionally styled to look ‘just right’ but give a 12-month-old baby 5 minutes and ‘just right’ turns into ‘just destroyed’.

My third child, Margot (the ‘T’ is silent) is nearly two-years-old now and I thought it was about time I share her nursery, which is not only beautiful (OK, I may be a little biased here) but has survived two years and counting.


This room has withstood the test of time. It is a small space but works and is easy to keep tidy.

This was a set of drawers that I got second-hand. I then upholstered and covered them myself while still pregnant. It was so easy to do and they really transform the room. 

We have topped the drawers with these gorgeous baskets from Target Australia. These were purchased two years ago so may not be in stock any more. I love the chalkboard signs where we can write messages or labels as to their contents.



I guess we have a loose ‘woodland’ theme going in this room. It was not a deliberate decision but has seemed to evolve organically.

These woodland prints are some of my favorite prints in the WallFry shop. I created custom background colors to coordinate with the room. Placement of frames on a wall is so important as to their effectiveness and appeal. I centred this group of four on the feature wall in the room.

My Wallfry shop has recently started selling cushions and throw pillows in Wallfry designs. It is exciting for the business but I was super excited to add one to my little girl’s room. She loves her ‘rab’ - ("rabbit")!


I am obsessed by DIY projects and the creativity of making something myself. I not only love the results, but I also enjoy the sense of accomplishment and connection that it gives me.

I made this fabric covered letter.

I love love love these block letters. They are my go-to hand made gift for friends’ new babies. They look amazing and are so much easier to make than you would think.


When Margot was younger, this ‘toy’ corner used to be taken up by a feeding chair but now she is older we have made this a space for her to have her own play area and made the toys reachable and accessible for her.

We love books and Margot LOVES books. It is important for us that she be able to access her own books easily so we keep these board books on the bottom shelves for her.


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