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Photo frame collage

Posted on June 23 2011

Photo frame collage
Have you ever wanted to do something with all those photos from a special event, trip or baby's first year? They sit in boxes or photo albums and never get looked at. None of them are really good enough to warrant a frame or spot on the wall of their own, but together they could be awesome!?
 I have recently created a collage frame with the photos from our wedding reception and want to share with you how I did it.
I made a large frame with 35 photos, however you could go smaller:
Depending on your frame size and your number of photos, your options are endless.
Our wedding was nearly 5 years ago now. After 2 kids, 2 countries and building a house it all seems like a distant memory. We have some photos of the actual wedding around the house, but none from the reception. It was such a fantastic night, a fun party shared with family and friends that we didn't want it forgotten.
We had a disposable camera at every table at our reception and invited guests to take their own photos of the revelry throughout the night. This was such a successful idea as the guests loved it and it captured the fun of the party which is often missed after the professional photographer goes home. We had heaps of photos, the only problems were:
  • They were poor quality
  • They were all taken with a cheap and nasty flash
  • As guests got merrier the composition got worse
To salvage the photos I found the most amazing free online photo editor recently added by Pixlr called Pixlr-o-matic which adds retro and vintage effects to your photos. So easy to use, so many effects and options (literally thousands of looks for each photo) and best of all - Free!
Here are some before and after examples
This gives you a pretty good example of some of the effects and frames that they have. They really add to the party atmosphere of the night that I was trying to capture and I loved the retro feel of some of the effects.
They do also have a standard photo editor, which I didn't use (I used photoshop) but you can try it if you don't have photoshop or something similar.
Once I had all my photos edited and effects added, I printed them (it is cheaper if you get them printed in a standard size eg. 4x6 and then trim them yourself) and arranged them in the layout that I wanted. Your options are endless here, you don't have to use squares, be creative and create your own collage style!
I covered the backing board of the frame in butcher paper which I crinkled up for effect. Again be creative eg. for a first birthday you could use colorful scrapbook paper, or for a wedding you could use the fabric from your bridesmaid dresses.
I then secured the photos to the board (I simply used glue as these were digital printouts. If you are using original photos you might want to use something a little less harsh).
To coordinate with the effects that I had with the individual photos (jagged edges etc) I used torn masking tape along the edges (painted black) to give the actual frame a similar effect.
Here is my end result:
This idea is not limited to weddings. Imagine your options:
  • First birthday party
  • Baby's first year
  • Family holiday
  • Family Reunion 
The possibilities are endless...


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