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Octonauts, to your party stations!

Posted on June 30 2018

Octonauts, to your party stations!

As soon as my son asked for an Octonauts themed party I breathed a small sigh of relief, because I knew the local party shop had plenty of Octo-themed goodies to help style the party. Balloons? Check. Napkins and plates? Check. Tablecloth? Check.

OK, well obviously I didn’t need an Octo-table cloth because given all the adventures happen underwater then it’s obvious I could get away with a cheap blue one.

But… what do Octonauts actually eat at an Octo-party? I knew my son wanted a suitably extravagant cake – and more on that later – but you can’t just serve normal food under the sea, can you? I mean, it will go soggy.

So here are some of the ideas we came up with to eat at the party.

Idea number  1: Croissant Crabs

Move over Einstein! Whoever first came up with the following equation is a true genius:

Mini croissant + toothpicks + blueberries = Crab

That’s it! You can make a whole tray of these in less than five minutes (it takes longer if you let your middle child, ahem, ‘help’) and the kids thought they were great.

Croissant crabs

Idea number 2: Sugar starfish

Ask any Australian kid what they remember from childhood parties and they will probably say fairy bread. For those who don’t know, it is easy to make – simply butter bread and pour on sprinkles (or hundreds and thousands). In this case, I just used the blue cake decorating crystals left over from making the cake and used a star shaped cookie cutter to make starfish. Once again, super easy to make although you have to be careful not to make them too long before the party or the bread goes super dry in some places and super soggy in others!

Sugar starfish

Idea number 3: Cookie clam shells

I’ve seen lots of variations of these online, so here is my version. I simply bought a packet of biscuits that most closely resembled shells and piped pink buttercream into the centre. The ‘pearl’ is actually a mint, and for the eyes I used up some of my leftover eyeballs from making monster cookies a while back (you can find the tutorial here).

Cookie clam shells with oysters

Idea number 4: Octopus dip

We knew we had a few adults coming so we made sure to have some snacks for them too. We made this octopus-themed dip from two bell peppers, which they all seemed to love. It was super simple to make – you can see a video of how it all came together here.

Idea number 5: Melon monster

Every hero needs a villain, and every party needs a monster of some description, right? In our case we thought we would make a watermelon shark. Although we had only a basic idea of what we were doing with this, it worked out OK.

We started by flattening off the watermelon so it would sit properly on the plate, then hollowing out all the juicy flesh (we had a lot of smoothies that day!).

If you cut the mouth out in one piece you can then fold this over to make the back fin. The part of the watermelon that was chopped off was then used for the side fin as well. Because the mouth was looking a little bit bare we also widened it and with the extra skin we made another row of teeth in the mouth.

Fill it with fruit and the melon monster is ready to go!

Melon shark monster


Because it was an underwater style party the decorations were pretty easy – lots of blue and white as the color scheme and plenty of streamers hanging down from the roof.

One little touch we added which was a big hit was some balloon octopus. Simply get one big balloon and a lot of tube balloons all in the same color, and tie or tape them together at their knots. Then add two white balloons, decorated with a sharpie, for eyes.

Octonauts balloon decorations

The cake

As you know I have been going down the rabbit hole of more and more elaborate cakes lately. For this one, I thought I would try my hand at using modelling chocolate.

As soon as I started making one character it instantly meant my son would come up and ask for more, so I had to tell him that there wasn’t any more space on the cake eventually!

Here is a video of the cake getting put together.


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