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Making an octopus dip

Posted on April 22 2017

Making an octopus dip
This dip was one of the easiest things to make for my little one's underwater birthday party, but it looked great and certainly had the adults talking. And eating, of course.
You can watch the video below of how I made it, but I thought I would add a few tips as well.
1. Make sure you choose your bell peppers (capsicums) for size. I got a long and skinny one to make the legs, and then a shorter round one to do the body.
2. Use what you have already got. I was going to make the eyes separately, then I remembered my edible monster eyes (you can read my post on how to make them here).
3. You will need a flat bowl with lots of space. Make sure you lay the legs out to see if they will fit - I had to trim mine to keep the tentacles in!
4. Don't make it too early. Once you have the head on it can be hard to cover it up properly until guests arrive. The good news is that it doesn't take long to make.
Here's a short video showing how I made it. It got a great response and the kids loved it!


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