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Make your own creepy eyes

Posted on October 09 2016

Make your own creepy eyes
Halloween is supposed to be creepy, even scary right?  Well if you have little kids like I do, you might want to keep the level of 'horror' down a bit. Still a little 'ewww' goes a long way.
These were so easy to make, there is no right or wrong way. It doesn't matter if they are a bit misshapen it just adds to the 'ick' factor.
Here is how I did it:
1. First we made what we call a 'truffle ball'. It is really just a 'rum ball' (without the rum) or similar. There is a recipe for something similar here. Any non-bake recipe that sets in the fridge that you can roll into small balls (and is relatively firm) will work.
I rolled them into balls (minus the coconut on top) and flattened them a bit. I used a small disk that was the same size as the colored 'irises' that I had made but I probably didn't need to be that particular.
2. Then I made the colored 'irises'. I used colored royal icing for the 'blue' and piped it into little circles onto baking paper the size I wanted. The royal icing recipe I use is here (but you can use any at the right consistency).
TIP: one invaluable tip that I have learnt when working with royal icing is the 'water spray bottle' method of adding water to change consistency. It gives you so much more control when adding water.
 While the icing was still wet, I added the 'pupils' which are just chocolate drops (or milk buds) with plain undersides. You could just as easily use black royal icing but I had these on hand and they looked really effective.
3. Once my 'balls' had set I then coated them with melted white chocolate. This was easier than I thought. I used a tooth pick, dipped them in, twisted them around a bit to lose some excess then placed them baking paper to set.
TIP: use cooking chocolate or similar as it is easier to work with and gives a smoother result than the normal 'eating' chocolate.
4. Then I added my 'blood shot veins' (which is a step you could miss if you wanted them a little less creepy). This was done using colored white chocolate (or candy melts) and simply drizzling over the top of the balls in a zig zag (ish) motion.
TIP: only color candy melts or white chocolate with an oil based color (or other suitable color made for this purpose) otherwise the chocolate seizes. You can add tiny bits of cooking oil to the chocolate to make it runnier and easier to work with. This means it won't set as well but if you just use it for the 'blood' then it won't matter.
5. While the 'bloody veins' are still wet add your 'irises'.
6. Leave to set (you can store them in the fridge). You then have super creep, super yummy eyeballs, perfect for Halloween!


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