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IKEA hack - Old frame made good

Posted on June 23 2012

IKEA hack - Old frame made good
We had a space in our relatively new house that has been bothering me since we moved in. It is a tall, narrow space and was completely bland and devoid of color:
It catches my eye every time I enter the house and I hated it. I had been searching for the right solution for ages (I even considered a feature wall) but could not find anything either both the right size AND right color.
Then I remembered a very old 'Art' frame that we bought from the Ikea 'As Is' section (it has a small scratch) years ago because we liked the frame (and let's face it, it was cheap). It has been in storage for ages, and has made many moves with us and was a little worse for wear:
Some might like this 'as is'. I don't hate it, but it is not my style and even though it was the right shape and size for the barren space, would not do anything to add color to that corner. So I decided to go Ikea Hack again and customize it to make wall decor that worked.
It was SO simple that I can't really call this a tutorial, but I want to share with you how I did it. You will need:
All the usual stuff, scissors, ruler, glue (you don't need to use Mod Podge, but make sure it is glue that won't pucker your paper). And the most important ingredient - colored squares of scrapbook paper of your choice (you could even use photos if you want) I happened to have these on hand at the time.
As it was an art frame and not a photo frame that I could place the papers behind the matting (it was frustratingly stuck down very securely) I had to cut them to the exact size of the opening and then stick them down with glue. I used a cutting board and trim knife but if you are careful, you could use scissors. Cut your squares and arrange to see how they look:
Even though I quite liked this color combination, I am a fusspot and trialled it in the space before sticking it down. Turns out I didn't like it in the space, so had to purchase more scrapbooking papers. As I had 5 spaces to fill, the trick here I found was to make sure the colors coordinated without being too matchy. Most papers come in sets and themes and it is safer to select from one of these. This was my end result:
I am really happy with it. It brings the right amount of color to that corner while breaking up the blank space.
Oh and I touched the scratch up with a black marker (your can't see it at all). I also broke the glass when I was putting the final piece in (don't talk to me about it) but have hung it up anyway and it looks great!
You could use this idea with any collage frame that is usually for photos, it makes great wall decor that you can customize to suit your space and looks really effective.


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