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Holiday baking - Cookie Christmas Tree

Posted on November 03 2014

Holiday baking - Cookie Christmas Tree

I have always wanted to create a cookie Christmas Tree and this year I finally found the time!

I purchased one of the star cookie cutter  packs online (you can get these everywhere now), found a rolled cookie recipe and got baking! You may prefer to do these with gingerbread, but I am not a fan so went with a vanilla cookie base.

This was the first time I had used this recipe and made this tree so I made a double batch and made heaps of star biscuits in different sizes. This way I was able to pick through the best of them once I got my technique right.

Rolled cookies can be time consuming and I always find they stretch when you try to move them to the tray. My number one rolled sugar cookie tip would be: 

TIP: Always roll directly onto baking paper. Then cut your cookie shape, remove the excess and place the baking paper directly onto the tray and in the oven.

The only disadvantage of doing it this way is that you don't fit as many cookies on each tray. This works so well if you have enough trays and oven space. They don't take to long to cook and it was so much easier than constantly tearing cookies and stretching them out of shape.

Once they were all cooked I picked out the best of them and arranged them in sizes. I then trialled them as a 'tree to see how I wanted to stack them. I decided that 2 of each size worked really well.
TIP: Next I coated them in glaze icing instead of royal icing. I found it heaps easier to work with and it tasted much better. I used this recipe and instead of piping I dipped them in the icing (with the assistance of a spoon to pour over the top). It was a little messy but I loved the effect of having the icing cover the entire biscuit for this tree. 
Once they were dry I used white glaze icing to pipe my 'icicles'. They were a simple 3 lines made with a small round piping tip. 
Then for the fun bit arranging the tree! Getting it centered is essential and I used a daub of icing between layers to stick. I then used smaller iced star for the top.
For a final touch I sprinkled icing sugar (confectioners sugar) for 'snow'.
I was so happy with how the tree looked. It will make a stunning centerpiece for the table on Christmas Day.
I practiced my piping skills with some of the extra cookies left over.
The kids even made their own little Christmas trees to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.


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