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DIY fabric covered letter

Posted on April 22 2016

DIY fabric covered letter

I have seen these fabric covered letters around and I loved the look of them so thought I would have a go at making one for my baby daughter.

It seemed pretty straightforward, but I scoured the Internet anyway for a tutorial or some tips. I found this tutorial to be very detailed and helpful.

The tutorial on My Stars is very comprehensive and my attempt was pretty successful but I would add this tip: the glue you get is super important. I didn’t have the recommended one on hand and thought I would be fine with craft glue. It takes waaay too long to dry and really didn’t work. I had another glue on hand that eventually did work but I would go with the recommended Fabri-tac or something similar.

These letters are great on a shelf but I also wanted the option to use mine as a door sign on her bedroom door. I highly recommend attaching these to the wall using blutac (poster tack, sticky tack etc). The letter is light enough to stay in place and it is easily moved around when you want to.


It looks great and adds that personal touch!


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