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DIY Designer Lampshade (for under $10)

Posted on April 22 2016

DIY Designer Lampshade (for under $10)

THIS would be the number one item in our home that I get the most comments from guests about (and there is lots of cool stuff in our home if I do say so myself):

When I redecorated the playroom I wanted something different and creative to top it all off. I made this super-easy lampshade using only a basic paper lampshade, glue and paper ‘patty pans’.

When I say easy, I mean easy. Even if you have never done anything creative or crafty before you can do this and you don’t need any special tools or equipment - just four things to put it together.


Basic paper light shade – we got ours from Ikea like the one here, but you can get them from lots of different places for an average price of around $5, depending where you choose to shop.
Glue – I used MOD PODGE but you could use Elmers or really any craft glue that dries transparent.
Mini Patty pans (cupcake liners) – the smaller the better for a more effective look. I also like the versatility of the more flexible (ie paper not stiff card) ones. The choice is yours. We sourced ours from a local cake supplies importer.
Time – OK yes, this is pretty time consuming, but as it is also a pretty mindless task and you don’t need to pay too much attention so you can do it in front of your favourite TV show.


It is pretty straight forward really, you glue the cases to the lampshade! That's it. But there are some important tips that will make it a whole lot easier.


  • Do this in two stages. I wanted mine bunched up together but if I had done this all in one sitting then their tendency to spring open would have popped them off before the glue dried so…..
  • First stage place them near each other but leave spaces (ie don’t try to bunch) and leave them to dry.

  • Once the glue has dried then you can fill your gaps as you like. Because the glue has dried on the first round of cases then they don’t pop off. If you need to do another round you can, just wait for them to dry.

  • Line them up like an assembly line and daub glue in advance on as many as you can place before it dries. This saves heaps of time.

The end result is pretty impressive. It looks like a designer lamp shade but when people notice that it is made from patty pans they are blown away.

It finishes the playroom off nicely too.


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