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Cake fit for a one year old (the second one)

Posted on September 23 2011

Cake fit for a one year old (the second one)
So it was time for the youngest to turn one (oh they grow so fast!) and of course time for another super dooper birthday cake made by Mum (me). The problem with making a special, novelty birthday cake for each birthday is that there is significant pressure (mostly from family and friends, let's face it a one year old does not create that kind of pressure) for it to be bigger better, more impressive, more creative, more fun and have a better story than the last one.
I think maybe this time I pulled it off:
Yes it is an orange puffer fish birthday cake for a one year old. Hey - ideas for birthday cakes for boys are hard and I can only assume that they will get harder.
There is a story behind the orange puffer fish cake of course - The little man loves anything orange, it is almost like he has a radar for it, the orange balloon (noooo I do not want the blue one thanks, give me back the orange one) , the orange ball, the orange blocks etc. He especially likes the orange puffer fish bath toy, it's all he plays with in the bath, you try to take it off him and bathtime is over.
So, my husband (thoughtful guy that he is) insisted on an orange puffer fish cake "he is obsessed with his orange puffer fish, it will be great!" So far, I had only done flat cakes, this one was going to have to be 3D (in the interest of going one better) and I had no idea where to start.
I will post some sort of tutorial at some stage on how I went about creating this monolith, but for now, I just wanted to get the photo out there as I am darn proud of it and needed some sort of public proof that it did, once, exist. That is the other problem with novelty cakes, you put a LOT of time, effort and creativity into them and all you are left with at the end of the day are the photos (and the dirty dishes).
So here it is again from another angle (cos I know you want it), all designed and created by my own little hands and all fully edible (except for the candle and the plate of course):


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