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  • DIY Wooden Name Blocks

    Apr 22 2018

    Our friends had a baby boy recently and we wanted to give them a personalized gift that was a little bit different. After searching high ...

  • Upholstered drawers

    Apr 22 2018

    I have had so many questions and requests about this so finally I am going to let you all know how I made this dresser: I made these q...

  • DIY Wine barrel fruit bowl

    Apr 16 2018

    We were at the market on the weekend when we discovered some beautiful bowls made from repurposed wine barrels. With a gentle curve to th...

  • Making monster eyes

    Oct 23 2017

    Make your Halloween treats more spooky with edible monster eyes - so easy to make!     Edible monster eyes are the must-have item fo...

  • Making an octopus dip

    Apr 22 2017

    This dip was one of the easiest things to make for my little one's underwater birthday party, but it looked great and certainly had the a...